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Rising Star Confirms 2011 Lineup

Jonathan Lester
DoDonPachi Resurrection, Harvest Moon, King Of Fighters, Rising Star

Rising Star Confirms 2011 Lineup

Rising Star, the publishing house who specialise in bringing Japanese titles to PAL region shelves, have confirmed their lineup for the rest of the year. Expect fighting, farms and CAVE shooters throughout the coming months - and we've got the whole list rounded up for you below.


  • Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar. The latest Harvest Moon title features "all the classic gaming features of the series" and additions including windmills to let you combine ingredients to make goods to sell at the Bazaar, a new jump movement that enables players to jump up hills and over streams, the horse race festival returns and multiple pets to help work the farm.
  • Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. We all need a little fantasy in our life. Rune Factory 3 is a combination of Harvest Moon farming mechanics and RPG action. Players can train monsters while farming, fishing and gathering, and friendly villagers will join them in battle. The new online multiplayer mode allows up to three players to combine forces, conquer dungeons, and compare their accomplishments.


  • Cradle of Rome 2. This DS puzzler follows in the footsteps of its popular predecessor by offering "addictive gameplay for a casual audience." Essentially, you'll need to match tiles to build beautiful houses and magnificent palaces as you develop your small settlement into a flourishing empire.
  • THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII. Hail to the king. Probably. SNK Playmore will be delivering the latest iteration of the KOF franchise to PS3 and Xbox 360 - and promises to be a "dream festival" featuring fighters from the entire history of the series. Improvements have reportedly been made to gameplay as well; with new NEO MAX super special moves, faster gameplay and refined visuals.


  • Dodonpachi Resurrection. Rejoice, bullet hell fans! CAVE's Dodonpachi Resurrection will be hitting the Xbox 360 in November, hot on the heels of Deathsmiles Deluxe that released earlier this year. It's converted directly from the Arcade version for the Xbox 360 in full HD resolution. The Xbox 360 release will be a deluxe edition featuring three different modes of gameplay and the game’s soundtrack...  but annoyingly, The Black Label arrange mode will be available to download as DLC at launch.
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DrTrouserPlank  Jul. 28, 2011 at 21:07

Jonathan, where did you get the November release window for DoDonPachi resurrection from?

Rising Star games are only listing it as Autumn 2011 along with Cradle of Rome.

TKOtF XIII is however listed as a "winter 2011" release, so surely DoDonPachi ought to be released before TKOtF, not after it?

Last edited by DrTrouserPlank, Jul. 28, 2011 at 21:13
JonLester  Jul. 29, 2011 at 01:35

I received the dates directly from Rising Star themselves, but I'll be sure to let you know if I hear otherwise. :)

It can't come soon enough, frankly.

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