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Rocketbirds Confirmed For PSN

Jonathan Lester
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Rocketbirds Confirmed For PSN

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken tripped our radar at last year's Indie Games Festival, where it scooped up three award nominations for excellence and presented a copious helping of feathered fury. Sony has now announced that the anarchic platforming slaughterfest is headed to the Playstation Network, and we've got a trailer below.

Or, of course, you could play the free PC original right here first. Both eggs-cellent choices. Sorry.

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken will be a full revamp and total rebuild of the original Flash title Rocketbirds Revolution, presenting a cinematic platforming adventure through the world of Albatropolis. The evil penguin leader, Putki, has kept the chickens in for too long - and it's time to bring down his regime with ultraviolent slaughter and some light puzzling. Insert joke about "feathers flying" here.

Announcing the move on the Playstation Blog, the Rocketbirds team are keen to stress that the PS3's increased power has given them the scope to add more detailed visuals, expressive characters and rich enviroments - along with a tweaked control scheme designed to be intuitive on the SixAxis. An optional stereoscopic 3D mode will also be available and promises to run at the full 60FPS 720p glory. Each screen will be modeled in full 3D, and the graphics have apparently "got just enough scroll, depth, and parallax going on to impress without making you dizzy." Sounds good to us.

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is scheduled for release on PSN late 2011/early 2012... but not on Eggs-Box Live Arcade.

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