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Rockstar Steam Weekend includes Max Payne Complete for £7.19

Jonathan Lester
PC, PC games, Rockstar

Rockstar Steam Weekend includes Max Payne Complete for £7.19

Flushed with BAFTA success, Rockstar have put their entire Steam catalogue on sale this weekend. Though almost all of their bundle deals have been posted cheaper before -- such as the £6.99 GTA complete pack that we've seen as low as £4.99 in years past -- there are still some savings to had. Max Payne 3's complete bundle clocks in at £7.19 (completionists can buy Max Payne 3: Complete and the original two games for extra DLC, if they don't mind paying an extra few pence), while Manhunt is incredibly cheap.

Anyway, it's probably worth browsing over and seeing if you can plug any gaps in your backlog collection.

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Late  Mar. 14, 2014 at 10:19

Note that the GTA complete pack says it includes five games (gta:3, gta:4, gta:vc, gta:sa, and gta:lc) but probably includes gta:1 and gta:2. Did when I bought it a few weeks back, at any rate. (No GTA London, though :( ) Nice little bonus for nostalgia fans wanting to see the original top-down Grand Theft Auto. That said, I turned GTA1 off after only a few minutes as I found the controls a complete PITA (though they were fine back in the day. I just have no patience or willpower).

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