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Rocksteady On Arkham City Skins And Penguins

Felix Kemp
Batman: Arkham City, Rocksteady Studios
Batman: Arkham City

Rocksteady On Arkham City Skins And Penguins

Isn't Rocksteady nice? With Arkham City's release date looming large, their community manager Sarah May had a little chat with fan-site Arkham City to discuss all things Batman. In amongst talk of DLC, costume skins and the final state of the Collector's Edition, May dropped a few choice details and hints such as who's voicing Penguin. Here's a hint; he's in everything.

First off, May confirmed that the recently revealed skins - unique costumes from Batman's mass-media history - will all be released at a later date as DLC. Which is both good and bad. Good that those of us missing out will be given another chance; bad that it'll probably be at a cost. Boo! May also denied each skin will grant a specific move or combo; you might look different, but you'll be performing all the same moves as regular old Batman.

Remember the recent Penguin reveal video? Where the stout, ill-mannered super-villain revealed his quite awful voice-work? Well, that's Nolan North, he of Uncharted - and everything else - fame. I can't quite comprehend why Rocksteady would opt for an American everyman actor to voice a gruff, old cockney villain, myself. May confirmed Penguin's mob will engage in turf wars, but wouldn't go so far as to confirm who's voicing Catwoman just yet. Any ideas?

Regarding the Collector's Edition, despite a small outcry, Rocksteady is sticking to its guns and won't be changing it. However, she did admit Rocksteady will work with DC and Warner Bros to sort out issues pertaining to box-art. She wouldn't confirm whether Arkham City would support 3D - a feature present in the updated Arkham Asylum.

Finally, May was hesitant to confirm whether Solomon Grundy, glimpsed in the most recent trailer lurking in the cellar beneath Penguin's hideout, could be battled. I think it's pretty obvious he can be - I'm betting he's a big ol' boss fight - but May is probably being noncommittal for a full-on reveal. Oh, and here's some Solomon Grundy concept art just for you, straight from Rocksteady! [Arkham City]

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