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Rovio Keen To Make Angry Birds A "Long-Lasting Global Brand"

Matt Gardner
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Angry Birds

Rovio Keen To Make Angry Birds A "Long-Lasting Global Brand"

Not content with short-term world domination, Rovio are keen for Angry Birds to become a "long-lasting, global brand". According to CEO Peter Vesterbacka, the company is looking extensively into transmedia opportunities, "learning every day", and that there's "more to come".

"We want to create a long-lasting, global brand. This is very important though: we hope we know what we’re doing, but we don’t always," said Vesterbacka, speaking to The Guardian at MWC 2012, in Barcelona.

"We’re learning every day, and getting better in the toy business, the book business, the games business… It’s okay to make mistakes, especially if you’re going into new areas and doing things differently."

Angry Birds Space releases soon, on March 22nd, with the game launching alongside animated content, physical toys, confectionery and books. Far from proving a flash in the pan, the Angry Birds brand has been snowballing and accelerating rather than dwindling.

"It’s the first time we have everything available on launch day: animation, toys, books, candy, everything," said Vesterbacka. "It’s massive: most Hollywood movies don’t have this. And this is just the first phase of our space programme. There is more to come."

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GetsugaTenshoS  Mar. 2, 2012 at 16:02

Well that's not too surprising. They don't have anything else going for them really.


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