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Royal Mail Strike Could Delay Call Of Duty: Ghosts Deliveries [UPDATE]

Jonathan Lester
Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Royal Mail Strike Could Delay Call Of Duty: Ghosts Deliveries [UPDATE]

Royal Mail employees have voted for strike action on November 4th, "in a move to protect their jobs, terms and conditions and secure a pay rise," unless an agreement can be made before that time. We're not a political or union site, so it's not our place to discuss or debate the CWU's decision in any meaningful way, but we can't help but point out that the date is very interesting indeed from a gaming standpoint.

The strike is scheduled to take place a day before Call Of Duty: Ghosts' November 5th release, which is often one of the biggest deliveries of the year, so could potentially mean that some pre-orders won't arrive at launch if it goes ahead. Just so you know.

UPDATE: As ShopTo points out, as well as a commenter below, this could well be completely mitigated by Activision scheduling delivery for Saturday, or speedy delivery on Tuesday morning. "Please note that Royal Mail is currently scheduled to perform strike action in Monday, November 4," said the retailer. "We are currently awaiting Activision's decision on how delivery of the standard issue be resolved should the strike action take place."

All being well, this hopefully won't be an issue, but we'll keep an eye on the situation.

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waxxy  Oct. 17, 2013 at 13:39

you dont know what your talking about and there wont be any delays this is yet another made up story too get headlines on here.

I work for royal mail and the strike will have no impact at all concerning deliverys of call of duty if anything some may get it earlier.most retailers will receive there copys of call of duty by the week before any strike action takes place.so all retailer need to do and activision is give the go ahead for us to deliver on Saturday if they don't there still wont be any deliverys affected because postal deliverys will resume on Tuesday (the day of release) and Tuesday is the lightest day of the week for royal mail so there wont be any delays what so ever.

so in future why don't you post real storys instead of posting rubbish which isn't relivent to anyone.

JonLester  Oct. 17, 2013 at 13:49

Thanks for the input waxxy - I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Please bear in mind that the wording isn't absolute, and both gamers and retailers are worried about this.

I'll update this with both your comment and a recent statement from ShopTo on the matter.

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Breadster  Oct. 17, 2013 at 14:45

I don't see how you can say there won't be any delays Waxxy. Even if the strike isn't on the release day, it still backs up the mail, around the busiest time of the year no less.

I find it hard to believe you work for Royal Mail when you're essentially saying it won't be busy in November. I've worked at a Royal Mail MDEC for over 3 years and know it gets ridiculously busy around this time of year.

waxxy  Oct. 17, 2013 at 19:19

im not saying its not going to be busy but no offence breadster ive worked for royal mail for 15 years and ive seen many a strike an I know how it works.
im not saying November wont be busy what im saying is a strike wont effect the delay of call of duty.
the only delay would be caused by tnt who handles the contract to pick up parcels from amazon..tnt have a habit of sitting on consingments for longer than they should then drop them off at royal mail depots for deliverys ,the reason for this is complicated but a short answer is amazon pay tnt to pick up and deliver parcels,tnt will only deliver parcels to areas it sees as profit areas any other areas they see as unimportant and money losers so they give them to royal mail who in turn have to deliver them for nothing..but tnt will sit on some consignments too bulk up there rm depot drops so they don't have to lose any money paying for fuel making numorous drops to rm depots..

now concerning cod game in my experience going back to how the last big cod games have been delivered they useally get dropped of at the rm depots a few days before delivery,,we then sometimes get strict instructions too only deliver on certain days and not deliver before but if we don't get any instructions we will deliver as soon as we get them..im betting my office will get them Saturday and iff allowed we will deliver Saturday if not they will get sorted and prepped ready for delivery on Tuesday.

some games will come as registered/tracked items those are different and don't get picked up by tnt they get picked up by royal mail but iff allowed those will get delivered even if there is a strike registerd/tracked parcels and letters by law have to get delivered which they do by office line managers.

some other news though.........

we had a union meeting today and weve been told if the government can sign and guarantee the universal delivery act will never get changed or altered and they set it in law we will not be going on strike on nov4 instead we will work to rule which means we do the job as it stated in our contracts (this will hurt royal mail managers more than it will customers because royal mail only works effecintly if we break the rules and by that I mean lots of postmen come in earlier than they should,dont have breaks,do overtime and not book it,change our holidays to suit managers wishes..etc)now managers would hate this because if we worked to rule when we come up to our finish time wed come back and the managers would have finish ooff our deliverys if anything was left over but the customer would still get there delivery that day ..the only difference woul be some fat manager would get of his **** and work instead of bully ..now were im concerned id prefer work to rule and from what my union said today I think that's what will happen but if we do go on strike ignore the pay rise lies the media tells you its down to the fact we know what the government has instore for royal mail and we know this time next year everyone one here will be up in arms when they see parcel prices/mail prices double and there would be nothing you can do about it .

Breadster  Oct. 17, 2013 at 20:16

I just thought it was a bit outlandish saying that there definitely wouldn't be any delays with how busy it is, but you do make fair points, and in all honesty, I've always received CoD games on time, I just wouldn't say it was a certainty.

We'll see how it goes I guess. I'm really not interested in CoD this year, and I find it unlikely that the sales figures will surpass GTA's like Activision think, although I suppose the fact that it's on next gen consoles as well will help.

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X10  Oct. 17, 2013 at 20:47

waxxy - I wish you all the best with the universal delivery act. Unfortunately I think despite this the costs will go up, no matter what happens.

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