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Rubin: THQ Won't Be Doing "Side Projects In Mobile or Casual"

Matt Gardner
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Rubin: THQ Won't Be Doing "Side Projects In Mobile or Casual"

Should THQ be diversifying to help spread the risk and lift themselves out of the financial pothole in which they found themselves last year? Not according to new president Jason Rubin. For Rubin, the way forward is simple: it's all about triple-A.

"I think when you look at the business and you model it out, it's not how many failures you have, it's how many successes you have," explained Rubin. "So the problem is when you don't create hits or you don't create titles that do really well. The reason that THQ is here is because Saints Row is really successful. You have to create titles that sell copies and do well and that's what we're going to focus on. I'm not going to worry as much about the ones that don't do well.

"You can only lose everything, but you can make an infinite amount of money. So there's a significant amount more upside than there is downside. You can't fail at everything all the time or you're done."

Rubin's plan isn't to downsize the company's ambitions in terms of the games that they produce, but rather to trim the fat and hopefully build a portfolio that equates to excellence, with an attitude that is "less cavalier" and far more cautious.

"One of the things I plan on doing is making a much more concise portfolio." he continued. "I will not expand into the money I have because I want to keep this money around for a rainy day. So THQ is going to be a lot more careful with what it does and a little less cavalier. You won't be seeing another uDraw. We're not going to be doing side projects in mobile or casual. You're not going to see that stuff."

Rubin says that he's not concerned with the mobile and tablet gaming markets at the moment, affirming that triple-A will become THQ's sole focus for the time being.

"There will come a day where the tablets are extremely powerful and capable of running games," he said. "I think Company of Heroes, as an RTS with its control mechanism, is much easier to move onto a tablet than something that requires a dual stick and a significant amount of controls. It's just inherent. So could a Company of Heroes or something along those lines end up on a tablet soon? Absolutely. Do I think that there is going to be a Saints Row on a tablet? In the immediate future, no I don't. Eventually? Sure, if we can figure out the control issues that are obviously inherent in core gaming. Tilt and touch doesn't really work that well. There are a lot of opportunities." [GII]

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