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Rumored Project Cafe Details Confirmed By Japanese Newspaper

Felix Kemp
Games news, Project Cafe, Wii 2

Rumored Project Cafe Details Confirmed By Japanese Newspaper

Japanese newspaper, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, has seemingly jumped the gun and confirmed the rumored Project Cafe details we've all been poring over for the last month or so. A widely respected source of news, their report was duly translated by the ever-reliable Andriasang, and contains some precious nuggets of information to be clarified come Tuesday next week, when Nintendo host their annual E3 conference in LA.

So what does the report reveal? Well, ever since Project Cafe's reveal was leaked, speculation has been rife with debate over a supposed revolutionary controller. Rumored to act as a tethered DS console, allowing you to take your games away and play them on the go, only to return and carry on your progress on the big screen.

And according to Andriasang's translation, this is all true. Project Cafe's controller features a six-inch touch screen display, allowing for 'tablet-like' gestures to play games on the TV and - more importantly - on the go. Boasting an in-built camera and a rechargeable battery, it appears to be Project Cafe's defining - and soon-to-be much hyped - feature.

While it's still too early to tell whether Nihon Keizai Shimbun's report is entirely accurate, with Nintendo's conference only days away and the mounting rumors beginning to coalesce into a more definable shape, I'd be willing to wager Project Cafe will indeed sport a revolutionary controller, ala its predecessor, the Wii. [Andriasang]

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Josh Clark  Jun. 4, 2011 at 14:21

What with Kojima's 'Transfarring' set to do a very similar thing for Sony, it looks like mobile gaming is going to be even more of a focus for the next generation.

Not sure whether I'm excited for it or not. I have to admit to never really getting along with portable consoles. Can't imagine a game as immersive as, say, Half Life 2 working on a six-inch touch screen. Of course it'll be interesting to see how they integrate the controller when playing retail games on your big telly at home.


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