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RUMOUR: Amazon To Release Android Games Console This Year?

Jonathan Lester
Amazon, Android

RUMOUR: Amazon To Release Android Games Console This Year?

The Android living room race, started by the OUYA, may be about to hot up if Game Informer's sources are on the money. Apparently Amazon may be readying an Android-powered console to release before year's end.

Game Informer's whistleblowers claim that the retail giant plans to release its console to take advantage of the Black Friday sales rush, which takes place on November 29th. It will reportedly be designed for full compatibility with most Android apps, including Amazon's daily free app giveaway, and could well support Google Play. This latter point would grant it access to an enormous wealth of software that the OUYA, sadly, can only dream of.

Amazon has yet to officially confirm anything concrete, though the company does boast its own game development studio and has been asking numerous developers to implement controller compatibility according to the ever-observant Superannuation. More as this story develops.

If this turns out to be true, it could spell disaster for the fledgling OUYA, which is suffering from a lack of exclusive software support.

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DivideByZero  Aug. 9, 2013 at 11:53

While the OUYA is built on Android, I don't believe it can play Android games/apps. If everyone and their cat starts kicking out pure Android consoles, then the OUYA not being compatible will be its downfall.

Surely people should be looking at a common platform?

For the OUYA to survive if the market starts getting filled with Android consoles, it should also be able to run pure Android stuff, as well as all the custom OUYA stuff.

As for the Amazon box, will be interesting, but I doubt it's for me.

Late  Aug. 9, 2013 at 13:12

I believe you can side-load most android apps onto the OUYA.
Compatibility - especially with the controller - ain't guaranteed though.

I believe one of the OUYA's (many) mistakes was releasing in the middle of 2013, rather than at the start of the year - because they've put their product on the shelves (in one retailer - like I say, there were other mistakes!) too close to the release date for the next gen consoles. A lot of people will begrudge paying c£100 for an android console a few months before they pay c£400 for a proper console.
Amazon look likely to find themselves in a worse position if they release around November.

Of course a lot depends on price, availability of google play, and controller. (Another three things OUYA arguably got wrong! Okay, I'll stop whaling on the ouya now...)
If it's got Google Play, meaning folk can download apps they've already paid for and play them on the big telly instead of their phone/tablet then there's a lot more appeal than having to purchase your game separately. Like some android-based consoles do.

I look forward to hearing more about this as things develop. I do love Android, and look forward to having an android-based device plugged into my tv, for xbmc, for browsing etc., and for occasional gaming. I just need to decide which one to get. There's always a better one on it's way in a few months' time - and there always will be...

JonLester  Aug. 9, 2013 at 13:20

APKs can be side-loaded onto the OUYA (I'm running Netflix and XBMC), though there's no guarantee that they'll run properly or support the controller. Basically, it's Russian Roulette.

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