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Rumour: Crysis 3 To Be Announced Soon

Jonathan Lester
Crysis 3, Crytek, Rumour

Rumour: Crysis 3 To Be Announced Soon

Bow & Arrow Box Art Leaked?

A few intriguing clues have surfaced today that may point towards an imminent reveal for Crysis 3 - which could feature a bow and arrow as a primary weapon.

Eagle-eyed NeoGAF posters spotted a few telltale hints on the front cover of the latest issue of Swedish Game Reactor magazine. The familiar hexagonal Nanosuit pattern is clearly visible in the top left corner, along with some shattered urban scenery reminiscent of Crysis 2. Crytek has teased a major announcement for later this month, making a Crysis sequel the current front runner.

Rumour: Crysis 3 To Be Announced Soon

But that's not all. NeoGAF users also spotted some hastily-pulled box art that reportedly made its way to Origin. As well as a Nanosuit-clad warrior, the grainy images also feature a composite bow and arrow, which could possibly provide some stealthy kills in the right hands.

Rumour: Crysis 3 To Be Announced Soon

We'll keep you up to date with the latest as the situation develops.

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