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RUMOUR: Dead Space 3 Details Spill Out

Felix Kemp
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RUMOUR: Dead Space 3 Details Spill Out

Frozen Planets, Hive Minds And 'Rosetta'

EA's obviously working on a new Dead Space game; since when have they passed on a profitable venture that also happens to have a passionate fanbase? But with no official announcement, we've had little to go off beside job postings and the occasional PR faux pas. Until now, that is. Yes, it appears the first Dead Space 3 details have leaked online, with the same source who outed the Syndicate reboot snagging key details from the third Isaac Clarke adventure.

According to their source, Dead Space 3 takes place on the snow-swept tundra of Tau Volantis, an ice-planet Clarke crash lands on. Believing himself to be the only survivor, Clarke makes it to a way-station for respite from a snowstorm, only to find a fellow survivor from the crash carrying potentially fatal injuries. Clarke speaks to the injured man, who reveals more survived the crash and left him to find another facility. Donning a snowsuit, Clarke ventures out into the storm after the others.

Clarke eventually rendezvous with the survivors, two women, Ellie from the original Dead Space and new character Jennifer. Jennifer is a scientist who has a locked codex of some sorts, and appears to be searching the planet for 'Rosetta' technology to reverse engineer and unlock the ancient text. They climb a mountain in the storm, only to hear a howl further down from some mysterious creature.

That's all we have from their source. Dead Space 3's creatures are said to derive from a "hive mind", suggesting Clarke has crash-landed on a planet where the Necromorphs have spent considerable time gaining strength, or he's found an entirely new enemy to contend with. So far, so convincing. It'll be a little while before EA pass on official word, I expect, but until then there's enough here for a lot of healthy fan debating. It shall commence! [Siliconera]

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mightybobbin  Sep. 27, 2011 at 09:49

Well looking forward to this. Dead Space 1 & 2 were the only games I've paid full price for in the last lock of years; hopefully this time the collector's edition will make it to this side of the pond, I want me a plasma cutter!

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