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RUMOUR: Digital Vita Titles Up To 40% Cheaper Than Retail In US

Matt Gardner
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RUMOUR: Digital Vita Titles Up To 40% Cheaper Than Retail In US

We heard only last week SCE Europe boss Jim Ryan say that Vita pricing would be flexible, but a reported comment from a Sony rep suggests that the savings for going digital could be as high as 40%. Pinches of salt at the ready, mind, there's still no official confirmation from Sony as yet.

Thrifty Gamer reports that a Sony spokesperson told them at a US Vita event that games would be capped at $39.99 for a retail purchase, with a price tag of around $23 if you download it. To put that in slight context, the current situation in Japan has retail titles reportedly selling as high as $50 with a PSN equivalent of $40.

There's been little to no official word on international pricing for the Vita's impressive launch lineup, but the apoplexy that arose from GameStop's leak of the obscenely expensive memory cards (4GB: $30, 8GB: $45, 16GB: $70, 32GB: $120) might be somewhat alleviated by this news...if true.

More as we know it.

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englishpunk  Feb. 23, 2012 at 12:26

In case anyone else comes across this, the PlayStation Store prices of Vita games in the UK is more expensive than buying through retail. The store sells at RRP, obviously retail is generally below this price.

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