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RUMOUR: Eidos Montreal Working On An Adventurous Romance?

Matt Gardner
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RUMOUR: Eidos Montreal Working On An Adventurous Romance?

A source has reportedly informed Siliconera of  a new game in the pipeline at Eidos Montreal, with some bare-bones plot details allegedly leaking out concerning a game that sees players controlling "a 30 year old explorer" who becomes embroiled in something of a romantic triangle while on a quest to save the woman he supposedly loves.

If that sounds a bit vague, just wait until you hear the rest. Apparently our sword-and-shield-bearing hero is something of a failure, lacking in confidence (often due to interactions with his brother), having been exploring for a long time and now finding himself somewhat "jaded".

He's on a mission to save the woman he loves - named Nova - though we're told that their relationship "started out as an infatuation" before his feelings "developed into a sense of responsibility for Nova". We're not exactly told what he's supposed to be saving her from, only that in order to do so, he needs to find the "architect".

There's a "femme fatale" mercenary that the hero recruits to try and help him in his quest, but apparently she has designs on the hero too, and sees Nova as something of a rival.

You can catch the notes from the source below:

After a long journey, the Hero meets a 25 year old female mercenary who has located the architect. Described as a "dark beauty" and "femme fatale," this character is happy to help the hero out, but she has her own agenda too. She likes to flirt with the Hero and has a habit of turning on people. The mercenary views "Nova" as a rival and all three characters form a love triangle of sorts.

The two characters meet at a barren landscape under a colorful night sky. A path lined with rocks meanders towards a tower in the center of the scene. The Hero strides up the path with a sense of urgency in each step and calls out to the "femme fatale" mercenary who is waiting for the hero.

"And what makes you so sure he’ll be here? The Architect could be anywhere in the Nebula," the Hero bellows. "Could be," the Mercenary coyly responds.

"So why here," the Hero questions. "Don’t you trust me," the mercenary smirks. "He’s my last hope," the Hero says with a sense of purpose. "I don’t know how much longer Nova has…"

The mercenary interrupts him by leaning in for a kiss. "Would losing her be really that bad," the mercenary says smiling as she walks down the rock-strewn path.

Intriguing, particularly in light of the source's assurance that "information will be announced in the not so distant future". Traditionally, video games haven't exactly provided the greatest medium for romance, with the Japanese tending to do better in that department than Western studios (although there's plenty of melodramatic mediocrity too), but given the studio, we're certainly interested to see what comes out of this. One to look out for at E3 perhaps.

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