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CONFIRMED: Forza Horizon Revealed For Autumn

Jonathan Lester
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CONFIRMED: Forza Horizon Revealed For Autumn

(Potentially Fake) Trailer Outs New Forza Title?

UPDATE: Unbelievably, this is happening.

Microsoft has been haemorrhaging information faster than Ubisoft over the last 24 hours (impressive considering the wealth of leaked intel for Assassin's Creed 3) - and a new trailer may have outed a Forza title entitled Forza Horizon. The video, which notably features no gameplay footage whatsoever, ostensibly dates the racer for "Fall 2012," and implicates UK newcomer Playground Games as the primary developer.

The jury is out on whether this video is legit or not, and there's a compelling argument for the latter. The strangely simple typeface, poor production values and easily-edited party footage suggests that this trailer might well be a fake, and we'll soon learn whether the truth of the matter since Microsoft is set to make a number of major announcements this week. Check it out below and let us know what you make of it.

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tehwabbit  Mar. 5, 2012 at 12:21

Faker than fake. (Well, the trailer is surely)
The game has been partially confirmed but the trailer is beyond amateur. If this is official, MS/Turn10 need to invest in another agency.

They wouldn't credit their sources in a trailer to that sort of level and it's poorly produced from stock footage.

"leaked" trailers tend to be more suggestive about new games too! With only a few seconds of footage. For example, the Saints Row 3 "punched in the 'nads" trailer!

If your going to produce fake trailers, at least do some decent editing!

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