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Rumour: Dr. Greg Zeschuk Leaves BioWare Austin?

Jonathan Lester
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Rumour: Dr. Greg Zeschuk Leaves BioWare Austin?

BioWare Austin To become EA Austin?

Another big rumour today: a few worrying signs point to BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk leaving his role as General Manager of BioWare Austin, potentially replaced by Major League Gaming's ex-CEO. Apparently the SWTOR studio are concerned that they'll be subsumed into EA proper with a rebrand.

We don't know the truth of the situation yet, neither do we know if Zeschuk has left BioWare completely as opposed to just his role as BioWare Austin GM. Either way, we've got details and sources below.

Zeschuk's LinkedIn profile states that he stopped functioning as General Manager back in May. Today brings us a report from German gaming site GamersGlobal, citing an insider source who claims that Zeschuk "has not been sighted" at the studio for weeks.

A rumoured statement from EA suggests that Zeschuk is still with the EA owned company, and is simply taking some time out as General Manager of BioWare Austin. He may have been replaced by ex-MLG CEO Matt Bromberg.

"When Greg Zeschuk announced the reorganisation of [BioWare Austin] in May, he outlined his plan to return to his family in Edmonton for a much deserved vacation," it reads. "Greg also announced the new GM of BioWare Austin and Old Republic, Matt Bromberg. Greg is still with EA. He’s now back in Canada, taking time off and thinking about new projects. No change with Ray Muzyka.”

BioWare Austin are allegedly under massive "internal pressure" over SWTOR performance, and "fear" an organisational rebrand that will see them subsumed into EA. EA have clammed up, but we'll likely know the truth soon enough.

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alexp999  Aug. 10, 2012 at 14:25

If they rename/dump the BioWare brand it will be a really bad move imo.

Seeing BioWare on a game, really sets it apart from the other games that EA do. At least for me anyway.

It won't really affect existing franchies, but any new ones the "BioWare" team start up, we'll have no way of knowing its them.


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