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REPORT: New Wolfenstein Game In Development?

Carl Phillips
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REPORT: New Wolfenstein Game In Development?

Composer’s Online Résumé Fuels Speculation

It looks like the internet sleuths have been working overtime, as reports have emerged that a new instalment in the Wolfenstein series is on the cards. The speculation began when the online résumé for composer and audio technician Julian Beeston stated he was working on “ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording)” for a Wolfenstein game this year for Machine Games.

Beeston’s website has since been taken offline for maintenance (read into that what you will) but a version on Google Cache shows the résumé as it was for all to see, including his work on many other games in recent years. The fact Machine Games have been named as the developers is an interesting one, as they are now known as ZeniMax Sweden after being bought out back in 2010. They have been working on an unannounced title for Bethesda Softworks, reportedly called Project Tungsten, for some time, and now the rumour mill is spinning into overdrive that this could in fact be a new Wolfenstein game.

When you add to this the fact that Zenimax purchased the Wolfenstein.com domain from Activision last year, it certainly sets up a potential scenario for a Bethesda-published Wolfenstein game to be on the cards. For now, there’s no official confirmation that any of this is true, but as soon as we get word on the subject we’ll report back to you.

The last Wolfenstein game to release was developed by Raven Software back in 2009, and while it was received well by critics, consumers didn’t buy into it and the title ended up with disappointing sales figures. Let’s just hope that, should it all turn out to be true, that the multiplayer modes return to the gameplay from Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Beach Stopwatch, anyone? (“V51.”)[Polygon]

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