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RUMOUR: Nintendo Phasing Out Basic 8GB Wii U? [UPDATE]

Jonathan Lester
Nintendo, Rumour, Wii U

RUMOUR: Nintendo Phasing Out Basic 8GB Wii U? [UPDATE]

According to some lovely unverified sources, several retailers (including Gamestop) are removing the basic 8GB Wii U edition from their shelves ahead of Nintendo's E3 presentation. Kotaku alleges that the consoles are actually being recalled, perhaps hinting that a new hardware line could well be announced on June 11th.

UPDATE: Nintendo has denied that they'll be ditching the hardware in a statement to Eurogamer, suggesting that this move is probably a unilateral decision by Gamestop itself. Watch this space.

White premium units have already been announced for Japan, while we've also seem some suspiciously cheap deals on our side of the pond recently - the anecdotal evidence is certainly mounting.

We poured scorn on the Basic Wii U edition for its shocking lack of storage space and extras in our Wii U hardware review. Don't expect us to be too cut up if this rumour turns out to be true. [Thanks for the tip, Jason!]

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Late  Jun. 5, 2013 at 12:12

They'd consider phasing out a model six months after its release?!

I can understand the arguments for binning off the model - it didn't make much sense right from the start (though the Premium never made much more sense tbh) but I'd be amazed if they scrapped it this soon. It'd be tantamount to admitting they screwed up, and surely they can't afford to do that so soon after their year one problems with the 3ds (re the price and the second circle pad). They'd be losing face and alienating their incredibly forgiving shareholders.

And having a model that's dirt cheap but is missing a few entirely optional peripherals (I'll ignore the woeful memory, as both models are taking the pi$$ in that respect) is their best route into the houses of people of people who just aren't really interested in the machine. I don't see much appeal in it but I might be tempted to pay around £100 for a machine I don't really want. The Base model might reach that price bracket. The Premium won't.


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