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RUMOUR: Will Nintendo Rename The Wii U?

Jonathan Lester
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RUMOUR: Will Nintendo Rename The Wii U?

Oh lord, here comes another great big 'anonymous sources close to the platform holder' report. This one comes hot of the press from CVG, and purports that Nintendo may be considering renaming the Wii U following its disastrous E3 2011 reveal. The 3DS suffered from its less-than-imaginative branding at launch and required a massive public awareness campaign to hammer home that "this is not DS," so Nintendo may be worried that their new console will face the same problems. Full rumour through the link.

Remember: this is just a rumour and an incredibly tentative one at that. But, in our opinion, a change of branding probably couldn't hurt Ninty's new console in the long run. The Wii U is tainted by memories of a terrible year for Nintendo, an embarrassing E3 pitch and a complete lack of disclosure - and the name is synonymous with an incremental upgrade rather than an exciting new next-gen experience. Whether they will follow through, however, is anybody's guess.

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