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RUMOUR: Project Cars Info Hints At Wii U Details

Matt Gardner

RUMOUR: Project Cars Info Hints At Wii U Details

All Games Beta have served up an informative slide for the Wii U version of Project Cars, that provides further indication of the relationship between the Wii U's controller, the main console, and the player's gaming experience.

According to the slide in question, replicated below, Project Cars will take advantage of "the Controller Screen, Touch, Gyroscope, and Front-facing Camera" to deliver multiple feedback options for the player.

Not only will the screen offer the opportunity to play the game as a handheld title around the house, streaming the game wirelessly from console to tablet, but if used in conjunction with a television or monitor, the tablet screen will allow the player to flick through rear-view mirror options, an overhead map, or view telemetry data.

The primary control method will see players using the gyroscope in the controller, as with Mario Kart Wii, using touch buttons on a visual representation of a racing wheel to further control the vehicle. We would assume that you'd be able to use face buttons too, if you can suddenly opt to switch to the overhead map for a tactical appraisal of the track mid-race.

The touch screen will also feature in pre-race setups, swiping been tyre sets and other garage options, and flicking photographs from a gallery to the larger TV screen. [AGB]

RUMOUR: Project Cars Info Hints At Wii U Details

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