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RUMOUR: PS4 Facing Mass Shipment Issues?

Matt Gardner
PS4, Sony
PlayStation 4

RUMOUR: PS4 Facing Mass Shipment Issues?

A new report has emerged suggesting that Sony might struggle to meet their expectations for shifting 12-16 million PS4 units in 2013 as supply chains are yet to receive any sort of shipment instructions from the company as yet, thus potentially pointing towards a delay when it comes to the console's mass shipment schedule.

According to an anonymous source (pinches of salt at the ready!) from one of the "upstream supply chains":

"Sony originally told its upstream suppliers that it will start shipping its new PS4 game consoles in June with mass shipments scheduled in August, and shipment volumes would have a chance to reach 20 million units in 2013."

Hopefully, Sony won't make the same mistake they made with the PS3, and gun for a global launch so as not to lose ground in any region. It's clear that they're bidding to be the first out of the blocks for the looming next generation console race, but supply issues could potentially point to the company not being quite as ready as we'd perhaps anticipated.

In any case, we've reached out to Sony for comment. [Digitimes via VG247]

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