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RUMOUR: Inside Source Reveals Next Xbox Specs?

Carl Phillips
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RUMOUR: Inside Source Reveals Next Xbox Specs?

Mandatory Kinect & Game Installs For Every Console, Allegedly

Time to put on your speculation hats on folks, because new word has emerged on the next Xbox. Kotaku has posted information online from a “reliable source” that allegedly gives us the lowdown on what to expect from the next console from Microsoft, currently codenamed Durango. Normally we would heap a heavy amount of scepticism on this one, but considering the informant has been revealed to be “SuperDaE”, the same  person who tried to sell a Durango development unit on eBay last year, it's possible that this time there could be some weight  to it.

So what does the report suggest will be included in the next iteration of the Xbox? A mandatory, always-on Kinect sensor with every console, for starters. The improved camera will be able to identify up to six individual “skeletons” at once, and will have advanced tracking capabilities, such as being able to track a user’s hands more effectively, and recognise facial expressions to know when someone is happy or sad.

Unlike with the 360’s release, all of these new Xboxs will allegedly come with a hard drive and will force all games to be installed, but interestingly the report suggests that such installations will happen in the background as a game is being played, allowing gamers to dive straight into their new purchases. There was no word as to whether these forced installations would be a part of the anti-second-hand initiative that was rumoured recently, but the new report does suggest that game data will not be read directly from the disc, leaving the question of a game disc’s worth once the data is installed.

Multi-tasking between apps and games will be a strong focus as well, the report suggests, with the ability to put games into “suspend” and “constrained” states whilst accessing other content (similar to how tablets such as the iPad deal with multi-tasking.) The report even suggests that two games could be played at once, with the user going back and forth between the two. Meanwhile, there is word that the Companion App currently available for tablets and smartphones will receive an upgrade, allowing for more interaction in a similar vein to the WiiU Gamepad.

Speaking of controllers, the Xbox controller will apparently be a “natural evolution” from the one currently being used for the 360. That said, if the report turns out to be accurate, you can forget about using your existing controllers, as Microsoft intends to use “new wireless technology” for the input devices for the Durango unit.

And finally, we move onto the alleged specs. An “8-core, 64-bit CPU running at 1.6ghz” will be included, with a DirectX 11.x GPU included to provide graphical power. Along with 8GB of DD3 RAM, and some flash memory included for system tasks, the Durango unit also reportedly includes a 50GB optical disc drive and a 500GB hard drive. 3DTV support will be added (if the games support it) and wi-fi will be installed as standard this time around (with an Ethernet port as well.) You can check out the report for yourself, which includes scans of allegedly official documents, at the link here.

So there you have it – more reports on what might be inside the next barrage of heavyweight consoles will are heavily tipped to be unveiled this year. With Sony’s Playstation Meeting just over a week away we could be seeing even more of these reports emerge sooner rather than later, but for now you can always have a listen to the latest edition of the PWNCAST, where we discuss our outlandish theories on what could happen with the next-gen consoles.

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Breadster  Feb. 12, 2013 at 14:20

Hmm, I like the sound of background installs, don't really like the idea of them being mandatory though. I think a new version of Kinect coming with it as standard is pretty much a given. I hope they don't mess with the controller too much, the 360 controller is easiy the best around imo.

Anarchist  Feb. 12, 2013 at 15:47

With 50gb games it won't take long to fill a 500gb HD with mandatory installs. No thanks.

The 360 controller is by far the best console oem controller at the moment but it is not without its flaws.

The terrible d pad, for one.
Second, the left thumb stick has a habit of developing a fault where it gets stuck off centre to the left a tiny bit. It's has happened to all my controllers, and many of my mates.
Third, the battery pack. Although debatable as AA's are useful to some. I would prefer them to be like sonys with a standard USB rechargeable battery pack - that is the one thing I really prefer with the design of the ps3 controller.
Finally, make them more robust. The pile of crap netcode on black ops 2 has seen me tear two controllers literally in half with my own hands out of rage. But tbh that's not the pads fault,

But finally. For gads sake can you stop with the constant posting of junk throwaway spec rumours. They are all pretty much started by joke journos coming out with random crap just to get a bit of publicity and its getting a bit dull now listening to my retarded mates arguing over who's specs are best between '720' and 'ps4' when there is no proof whatsoever.

Ilium  Feb. 12, 2013 at 16:56

I dunno, I quite like the rumours. Plus it's fun to watch fanboys explode and fight.

I wonder how much is big companies purposefully leaking to get a bit of easy feedback. Cheaper than feeding or paying loads of focus testers.

Breadster  Feb. 12, 2013 at 19:54

Another thing that's a big deal for me is backwards compatability. I hope you can play all your 360 games on it.

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