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Rumour: Will Steamworks Reach Xbox 360?

Jonathan Lester
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Portal 2

"You won't be able to just download a map for your PS3"

Rumour: Will Steamworks Reach Xbox 360?

Valve wowed us all at E3 by announcing that Portal 2 would bring Steamworks functionality to the PS3 when it launches this April, but there's been no such luck for Xbox 360 owners. However, new details from Valve's chief writer suggests that they're looking in to bringing Steamworks, user-generated maps and cloud saving to Microsoft's console... if Microsoft will let them. We have the full details below, along with some new information about cross platform user-generated content.

During an interiew with Eurogamer, Valve writer Chet Faliszek suggests that Steamworks on PS3 is their "first step with it," and that the continual update of mutators in Left 4 Dead 2 might provide them with the flexibility, experience and precedent they'd need to provide Xbox 360 owners with a similar experience.

This is our first step with [Steamworks on console. Sony's been a great partner to work on this. This is just our first experiment on it. What goes next? Well see.

For the Left 4 Dead series we already had the community make some of our Mutations and we've had those go out on Xbox Live day and date with the PC versions. So obviously there is some flexibility there.

We'll see. But this is our first foray into this. We'll learn a lot from it and we'll see what happens from there.

This is a noble sentiment, but it would be a brave precedent on what has remained a closed and restrictive platform. Microsoft's p0licy on free updates and DLC is practically set in stone, and even easy-to-implement functionality like BBC iPlayer has remained aggravatingly out of reach. Since the almighty Gabe Newell promised that "PS3 would be the best console version" of Portal 2, we can guarantee that this won't be available for months yet. If ever. Sorry, Microsoft fans, but we'll keep you posted.

Faliszek continued to discuss the rumoured cross-platform connectivity that could potentially allow PS3 owners to download PC maps and user-generated content. Unfortunately it seems that this might not be the case.

You won't be able to just download a map for your PS3. There's some weirdness there. Part of the confusion on our part was, there are things we talk about wanting to do, and things we can do. It's this fluid relationship with Sony while we're trying to work out what's best for everybody.

You won't be able to just attach to somebody else who has that content and download it. We would have to do something to have that happen.

We can expect Steamworks functionality to evolve during the weeks and months after Portal 2 releases as Valve gets to grips with PSN's capabilties. Xbox 360 owners may have to download maps as part of DLC packs, but again, we'll keep you in the know. [Eurogamer]

Earlier today, we brought you the news that Portal 2 will feature a more considerate learning curve than its predecessor. We can't wait for 18th April, and we'll be keeping our ears to the ground. Why not check out our recent hands-on preview for more details?

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