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RUMOUR: 'Super Smash Bros. Universe' Coming To Wii U?

Matt Gardner
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RUMOUR: 'Super Smash Bros. Universe' Coming To Wii U?

Satoru Iwata mentioned that there'd be a Super Smash Bros. in the works for Nintendo's new console back at E3, but no a document seems to have surfaced, indicating what the latest Ninty brawler might be called.

The document originated, according to 1UP, on labyrinthine forum 4chan, where both Japanese and English titles for the game were shown, displaying the name 'Super Smash Bros. Universe' - the 'U' displayed in the same manner at that in the logo for the Wii U itself.

1UP reports that Zelda Informer have made an attempt to translate the document, suggesting that the text refers to 'more third-party support [...], the removal of tripping (also known as Prat Falling), and increasing the movement speed of Samus in light of how she handles in Other M.'

Obviously such things should be approached with a certain amount of scepticism. but with Nintendo keeping quiet on this one all we can really do is stare longingly at the document and make a wishlist of new characters we might like to see in a Smash Bros.

Would you be excited for a new Smash Bros. title? Who would you like to see mixing it up with Mario and Captain Falcon in the future? Answers on a virtual postcard in the box below!

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JonLester  Sep. 21, 2011 at 11:47

Can we have a Smash Bros. title on the 3DS first please, Ninty? With online multiplayer? That'd be lovely.

StolenDiagram  Sep. 21, 2011 at 12:42

I honestly believe that adding online multiplayer functionality to Nintendo consoles is a bit of a lesson in pointlessness as it stands. Without any sort of voice chat device (the now defunct wii-speak aside) it's no different an experience to playing with AI controlled bots.

By all means add these modes AFTERWARDS but the focus needs to go on voice communication.

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