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RUMOUR: Syndicate Details Leak Online

Felix Kemp
EA Games, Project RedLime, Starbreeze, Syndicate

RUMOUR: Syndicate Details Leak Online

Project RedLime To Be Revealed Next Week?

We were hoping Starbreeze's oft-rumored Project RedLime would finally rear its head at GamesCom 2011 last month, especially when reports suggested it would. It didn't in the end - to much disappointment here at Dealspwn, I might add - and news on the mysterious title died down. Until now, that is. A post over at Neogaf has unearthed new gameplay and plot details on Project RedLime, which as we all expected is a reboot of Bullfrog classic Syndicate. We've even got screenshots, too!

So, as has been rumored for years now, Project RedLime is, in fact, a Syndicate reboot, in development at Riddick and The Darkness developers Starbreeze. Set in the year 2069, civilization has abandoned politics and government in favor of "mega-corporations" known as Syndicates, each controlling vast swathes of our planet where "business has become war". The Syndicates battle each other for market dominance, employing bio-engineered soldiers called Agents to enforce their rule.

You take on the role of Miles Kilo, a prototype Agent working for the Syndicate Eurocorp who sets off to "embark on a brutal action adventure of corruption and revenge". Each Agent is augmented with Chips that grant them special abilities, such as slowing down time and peering through walls. As an Agent, you can also access the 'Dataverse' where each Syndicate tracks the population.

Syndicate will also feature four player online co-op, although not in the campaign proper. Instead, 9 missions from the original Syndicate have been re-imagined and can be attempted by you and three of your mates. Screenshots suggest Syndicate will be a first person shooter - a genre Starbreeze is particularly capable in - and the gameplay is described as "visceral" with an eye towards harvesting Chips to upgrade your character.

It's looking very promising so far, and best-selling author Richard Morgan is on-board to pen the script. Morgan is well-known for his hard-boiled sci-fi and fantasy like Altered Carbon and The Steel Remains, and is famous for his multifaceted character depictions and brutal, uncompromising plots.

That said, it's all very Deus Ex, isn't it? Chips instead of Augmentations. Seeing through walls and fighting mega-corporations hellbent on world domination. It's not a big problem, but considering how good Human Revolution is, Starbreeze have a tall order to meet. Check the source for screenshots. [Neogaf]

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Doors  Sep. 11, 2011 at 22:26

No way and classic title being revamped into a FPS!!! That's original :S

Greenclaws  Sep. 11, 2011 at 23:07

I was really excited by this news until I saw it was an FPS... First ruining Front Mission, then X-Com, now this?

zimboy691  Sep. 12, 2011 at 08:41

so they buy the rights to the name syndicate and then make a completly different game


just save money and make a fps and call its spy ops or somthing
save money that way

Doors  Sep. 12, 2011 at 10:19

Development companies really need to start imagining again. At the moment all they seem interested in is developing FPS. It's dull and they're almost all very similar with just some gimmick tacked on to the same old stuff to try and make them 'individual'.

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