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Rumour: System Shock 2 Headed To GOG "Within Days"

Jonathan Lester

Rumour: System Shock 2 Headed To GOG "Within Days"

System Shock 2, our shout for the most terrifying game ever made, may finally be headed for a re-release on GOG.

FleshEatingZipper reports that the newly-formed Night Dive Studios have been making System Shock 2 compatible with modern PCs (currently, you'll need to disable all but one of your cores and pray to the nether gods to get it running properly), and perhaps adding some new content for an imminent release on Good Old Games. As in, "within days." A Steam version is also reportedly in the pipeline.

Though currently still a rumour, I've only just stopped running around the office with boxers on my head.

In case you didn't know, System Shock 2 was a sci-fi horror experience that cast players as lonely survivor aboard a truly doomed vessel... whose only ally was a force of evil more terrifying than the monstrous worms and twisted abominations that haunted the eerie corridors. Ken Levine worked on the series, which became the template for BioShock, but sadly IP issues with EA meant that Irrational Games couldn't acquire the license or re-release the game since 1999.

We really hope that this pans out. More as we hear it.

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