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RUMOUR: Techland Confirms Dead Island 2?

Felix Kemp
Dead Island, Dead Island 2, Techland

RUMOUR: Techland Confirms Dead Island 2?

Rough Translation Suggests So

Is Techland hard at work on a followup to their paradise lost zombie splatter-fest, Dead Island? It would appear so, if a roughly translated article from Galaxy Games Studios is to be believed. Speaking at the Warsaw Fair Game Industry Trends 2011 event, Paul Carrot, the President of Wroclaw Techland in Poland, told the site to expect much more from the next Dead Island game.

"Certainly in the next scenes [Dead Island - perm. ed], players can expect all these deeper things that say, perhaps, and lacking in the game," Carrot told the site. It's a bad translation, but you can discern what Carrot was actually saying pretty easily. Techland is looking to build on what fans loved about the first game, and fill in the gaps critics drew attention to. Standard fare, then. [Galaxy Games Studios]

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