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Rumour: Next Xbox To Cost $499, Or $299 With 24 Month XBL Subscription

Jonathan Lester
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Rumour: Next Xbox To Cost 9, Or 9 With 24 Month XBL Subscription

New predictions from tech blogger Paul Thurrott (who was spot-on about the May 21st reveal) suggest that the next-gen Xbox console could feature a two-tier pricing model, with a discount if you sign up to a monthly subscription for two years.

"Microsoft will initially offer two pricing models for the console," Thurrott alleges in a new post, "a standalone version for $499 and a $299 version that requires a two-year Xbox LIVE Gold commitment at an expected price of $10 per month."

Bam, said the lady. It's feasible that Xbox Live will offer TV and entertainment services as part of the package, presumably along with online functionality, but this isn't the first time we've heard whispers of possible subscription options floating around the dark corners of the internet. If you remember, Microsoft also trialled a similar service for the Xbox 360 in the States a few years back.

Remember, folks, this is a rumour. A RUMOUR. And an unsubstantiated one at that. But would you be tempted by the idea of a subscription offer with an upfront discount?

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Quietus  Apr. 26, 2013 at 12:08

The short answer is no, but then I'd be looking at the non-subscription option anyway, since I don't play online. Either way, you're paying $500, which is a serious amount of money - over £300.

What I'd prefer is a 'light' version of the machine that is solely a games console, without all of the other fluff. No social stuff, no TV / movies, and connectivity simply for the purposes of keeping games updated.

stevenjameshyde  Apr. 26, 2013 at 12:14

If true, why would anyone go for the $500 price point? I assume you then have to fork out for XBL subs on top of that, which makes the overall costs about the same with a much bigger up-front commitment

sparx1981  Apr. 26, 2013 at 12:20

Got an xbox 360 and a PC. Must say, I have no urge to by a next gen console so far. My PC is powerful enough to play on my HDTV at over 200fps so way too fast and should cope nicely for a few years.

Unless the consoles come out with some new tech that makes people go wow (e.g. kinect before it was released) I think I can wait until the prices tumble considerably.

worto03  Apr. 26, 2013 at 13:41

I'd be happy for the sub model - I'll get live anyway if it's anything like the 360 incarnation of it. I can put some time into one player games but it's the online offering that turns the game from a couple of weeks entertainment to half a year.

I'm very undecided though as I have a media centre - I'd really like the games console to just be a games console with the odd extra thrown in so whichever console has the best potential for games will get my money.

Also $500 and $300 is likely to be around £400 and £200 or worse £500 and £300 then discounted quite early if past launches are anything to go by.

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