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RUMOUR | Xbox Originals To Fund Blake's 7 Remake?

Jonathan Lester
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RUMOUR | Xbox Originals To Fund Blake's 7 Remake?

Casino Royale Director Reportedly On Board

According to The Financial Times' little birds, Microsoft may be looking into rebooting cult Sci-Fi series Blake's 7 as an Xbox Live exclusive show.

Claiming to have heard from sources close to Xbox Originals, FT purports that Microsoft have provisionally agreed to fund a mini-series revival, but are "not committed to a full series." London-based production company Motion Picture Capital has been tied to the project, along with Casino Royale director Martin Campbell. It's likely, then, that they plan to muscle in on a proposed SyFy 13-episode deal with the same basic setup and director.

Xbox Originals is part of an attempt to push the Xbox One brand into the television and entertainment space, with a Spielberg-produced Halo series also in the pipeline. If Microsoft can secure some compelling exclusive programming, they may be onto a winner, but naturally we'll have to see how much it costs. At least Blake's 7 fans may have something to watch while matchmaking. [via Polygon]

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Late  Aug. 15, 2013 at 14:25

Apparently I loved this program when I was a kid. I don't remember it, and when I watched a clip a while back I was horrified at the apparent zero budget.

IMDB: Blakes 7 (1978–1981) for those not familiar with it.
1978-1981? Blimey - not surprising I don't remember it. (I was born in '73.)

I'd be keen to see a reboot :D


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