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Run faster, teabag harder with CoD: Advanced Warfare's futuristic kit

Jonathan Lester
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We've long known that Call Of Duty needs more mechs and lasers, and Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is fit to deliver courtesy of a whole heap of implausible futuristic kit. Behold: directed energy weapons, drones, AI shields and a battlesuit that allows you to run faster, jump higher and teabag with the force of a hydraulic ram.

It all looks a bit Crysis to us, the exoskeleton especially, but that can't be a bad thing. What do you make of Sledgehammer's new direction?

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lukekey  Jun. 25, 2014 at 15:40

Hope it's better than the last Two...hated most zombie maps on blops 2 and servers where all over the place, ghosts just made me give up on cod, was the first cod game ive ever traded in and just hated playing.

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