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RUSE (Playstation Move Compatible) | £17.99 | Play | PS3

Felix Kemp
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Playstation 3

RUSE (Playstation Move Compatible) | £17.99 | Play | PS3

If swiping and jabbing your Playstation Move wand around like a mad conductor composing the ballet of war, then this deal my interest you. RUSE, Ubisoft's ambitious RTS, is now available for just £17.99 at Play, and it's compatible with the PS Move, too. I haven't played RUSE yet, so I can't pass judgment on it, but I did keep an eye on its progress, pitched as an RTS where you could trick your opponents into making moves or encroaching on booby-trapped territory, hence the title. I especially love the fact that if you pull the camera back far enough, you reveal the gameworld to simply be a holographic display table, housed in a war-room churning with stony-faced individuals.

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