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Ryse Under Fire For Callous Crunch Time Tweet

Jonathan Lester
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Ryse Under Fire For Callous Crunch Time Tweet

Developers Ate "More Than 11,500 Dinners" At Work

Ryse and #RyseFacts are making headlines right now, but for entirely the wrong reasons. A seemingly callous tweet about the stressful pre-launch 'crunch' period and the enormous amount of overtime involved has lead to Crytek taking fire from all corners of the industry.

“By the time Ryse ships for Xbox One, we will have served the crunching team more than 11,500 dinners throughout development,” crowed Ryse's official Twitter account yesterday in a statement that will appear fairly innocuous to many gamers. However, numerous developers and pundits have subsequently railed against Crytek, since they seem to be actively boasting about the painful Crunch Time that many publishers force their staff to endure in the run-up to a game's launch.

Considering the massive amounts of overtime, sleep deprivation, stress, time spent away from loved ones and profound quality of life reduction during crunch time, you only need to browse the #RyseFacts hashtag to get a feel for the resentment and understandable frustration from the development community.

The development team have eaten 11,500 dinners away from their loved ones, friends and families. Nice one, Crytek. What a lovely thing to boast about. I just... seriously.

This is yet another less-than-favourable headline for Ryse, which has already raised eyebrows by running at native 900p and appearing to contain more QTEs than Beyond: Two Souls.

It's worth noting that crunch time is an industry-wide phenomenon, especially for AAA games and MMOs, not just limited to Crytek's staffers. It's a practice that many in the industry are protesting against, or forming independent studios to avoid. Frankly, it's tempting to suggest that a union might be a good idea...

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soulleech  Oct. 16, 2013 at 18:52

Forgive me for sounding naive here, but why is this a big deal?

JonLester  Oct. 17, 2013 at 14:10

Good question actually. It's a tricky one, because it largely concerns the internal workings of the industry rather than its friendly consumer face.

Imagine if a factory proudly tweeted that "we made all our staff work incredibly late nights and massive amounts of overtime away from their families to get our product ready for you! Isn't that great? #FactoryFacts." This is a greatly exaggerated and probably totally specious analogy, but the fact is that Crytek seem to be proud about it is going down like a lead balloon amongst the development community.

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