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Ryse: Son Of Rome Vidoc Shows Off Lavish Motion Capture

Jonathan Lester
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Ryse: Son Of Rome Vidoc Shows Off Lavish Motion Capture

Crytek have released a 'making of' video that shows the painstaking motion capture behind Ryse: Son Of Rome. The brutal hack & slasher has been pilloried following a lacklustre E3 debut, but Crytek has assured players that the full game will be deep as well as visceral.

Ryse: Son Of Rome will be an Xbox One launch exclusive.

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Late  Jul. 26, 2013 at 12:56

I know little about the tech, but I consider there's two kinds of motion capture. It's often pretty good when used in films etc. (e.g. almost anything Andy Serkis goes near), but that's mainly acting whilst wearing a virtual outfit/suit. You're recording a sequence, and then can play it back but with everyone looking different.

On the other hand mo-cap used for modelling movement (most obviously in sports games) impresses me much more - where they're working out how people move, and interact under certain circumstances, and then a computer can extrapolate and use it on the fly.

This looks to fall firmly into the first category. Motion capture used to just put new faces and outfits onto actors in set scenes, and lay that over whatever background you want.

Looks worryingly like they've put a lot of work into cut-scenes, and the bit where you're actually playing will be as crap as it always looked...


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