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The Saboteur £22.98 @ Gameplay [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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The Saboteur £22.98 @ Gameplay [Xbox 360 Games]

Prices, like cartoon anvils, are going to be falling all around us in these post-festive season weeks, but a few merchants are getting the jump on their fellows with a an extra pound or two knocked off early on. Even recently released games such as The Saboteur - the open-world GTA-meets-an-Irish-Inglorious Basterds action-fest I reviewed a week ago - are plummeting in price.

Whilst a good number of retailers are still holding onto copies of Pandemic's swansong for over £30, a few have undercut the rest, no more so that Gameplay who are currently offering copies of the Xbox 360 version for £22.98, saving you a couple of a quid on the nearest in-stock competitor (The Hut - £24.93).

The Saboteur isn't a terribly original game, it doesn't really have a gripping plot or blockbuster-style presentation. Everything in this game has been done before, and probably better. But The Saboteur is more than the sum of its parts, and it's actually quite a lot of fun.

You play Sean Devlin, a stereotypical Irishman with a bone to pick with the Nazis after one of their generals bumped off a mate of his. After the requisite few months of drowning himself in whiskey and women, Sean is approached by A French Man and persuaded to run around Paris blowing up German installations, liberating the people with a machine-gun and pilfering Nazi supply drops, all the while hunting for his German nemesis.

It's all very Just Cause, but without the cool parachuting and with additional comedy Germans. There's a pretty good cover mechanic for when things get a little hairy (and with an alert system that's more jumpy than a kangaroo on amphetamines, they will) and some nicely implemented stealthy options. It's pretty to look at, too, with areas yet to be liberated swathed in noirish black and white, a simple yet striking effect. The game is a lot of fun, and it helps that it doesn't take itself too seriously.

The Saboteur £22.98 @ Gameplay [Xbox 360 Games]

Unfortunately, it's all a bit of a mess and feels like it's been rushed, which it has. This is still a good price, and you get a lot of content and missions that to Pandemic's credit never really feel like shallow repetitions of a tired formula as some open-world games can, but it might be worth keeping an eye on to snap it up if it goes any lower, which it probably will. It's a shame, with a month or two spent tweaking it further, this could have been one of the games of the year.

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