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Saints Row 3 "A Breath Of Fresh Air" For Open-World Genre

Felix Kemp
Games news, Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row 3 "A Breath Of Fresh Air" For Open-World Genre

I'm pretty psyched for Saints Row The Third. Boasting a new engine and typically ridiculous set-up, it's this generations spiritual successor to the last gen's raucous Grand Theft Auto saga before it went all po-faced. And according to OXM, who recently got their grubby mitts on the latest from Volition, Saints Row 3 is set to breathe new life into the open-world genre.

Volition explains player choice is a core ideal in their design philosophy. Empowering the player, rather than restricting them, has always been a facet of Saints Row's appeal, be it mowing down innocent pedestrians in a truck or spraying sewage waste from a septic tank on yet more hapless bystanders. OXM's feature reveals choices made in the past two games will be reflected in the third, with key characters' fates dependent on your prior actions.

Volition is also ditching the traditional three-act arc employed in the past two games in favor of a more organic, creative narrative. The studio had to be very careful with their cast in Saints Row 1 and 2 due to their story constraints, but now they've put their foot firmly on the accelerator pedal. Expect a rip-roaring, explosive finale to the Stillwater epic - as if you'd expect anything less!

But how exactly does all this entail "breathing new life" into the open-world genre exactly? Volition explain that most open-world sequels force your character to start from scratch, despite the painstaking strides already made. No such opening exists in Saints Row The Third. Having ascended the ranks, you're now the Saints' kingpin, allowing you to enjoy all the perks of the job, including television shows, commercials and even a clothing line based around Stillwater's most loved gang.

We'll have much more for you on Saints Row The Third as it develops! [Official Xbox Magazine]

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