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Saints Row: The Third Details Blowout

Jonathan Lester
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Upgradeable Weapons, Axed Multiplayer & Story Info

Saints Row: The Third Details Blowout

The latest issue of Game Informer has run a massive feature on the recently-announced Saints Row: The Third... and the eagle-eyed lads over at NeoGAF are on the case. We've now got a heap of exciting new details about the latest barmy sandbox adventure - including some tasty info about the story, weapons, gangs and multiplayer modes.

According to the GI article, Saints Row 3 will chronicle the misadventures of the protagonist from the first two titles. The Saints have moved to a new stomping ground after a generous marketing campaign from the Ultor Corporation, but consequently run into the shadowy Syndicate who have prior claim to the area. Taken hostage along with their partners, the player will have to fight their way out of a private jet, leap out over the city and parachute to safety... and then get on with the hilarious sociopathic oddball violence that we know and love.

A number of factions will be vying for control over the city, including the brute-force 'Morningstar' gang, technologically-advanced 'Deckers' and the Special Tactical Anti Gang police unit who have been tasked with cleaning the streets of all illegal activity. Players will have their work cut out, without forgetting the constant presence (and meddling) of the Syndicate.

Interestingly, competitive multiplayer has reportedly been axed. Online cooperative shenanigans are still primed and ready.

Weapons will now be fully upgradeable with a host of modifications and attachments to choose from. Examples from the GI article include underbarrel grenade launchers, scopes and a third shotgun barrel that turns a regular coach gun into the terrifying Gravedigger. Yikes.

In keeping with Saints Row's famous novelty value, there'll apparently also be a number of bizarre and humorous weapons including oversized rubber sex aids - which should help add insult to injury. In case you're looking for something more powerful, airstrikes and predator drones will also be making an explosive appearance.

There's plenty more details over at NeoGAF. We're already excited about this one.

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