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Saints Row IV Multiplayer Detailed

Jonathan Lester
Deep Silver, multiplayer, Saints Row IV, Volition Inc.

Saints Row IV Multiplayer Detailed

Saints Row IV will feature the same basic multiplayer setup as Saints Row: The Third, with an eye towards letting two players explore virtual Steelport at their own pace, and persistently upgrade their own characters throughout.

In an extensive interview to be published later today, Design Director Scott Phillips laid down the fundamentals.

"We've got the same [basic framework] from Saints Row: The Third," he explained. "We've got the two-player co-op, and that's our primary area of focus because we wanted to make the main exploration gameplay, the main city and the main open world gameplay something that's always rewarding for both players."

"Anything you do in co-op with your friend is carried back to your game, so you're not wasting any time by playing with them. You're actually making yourself better. You can jump forward and play certain missions with them, or they can jump in with you, play early missions and bring in their high powered upgraded character to help you out."

Anyone who's played Fable II in co-op will be very glad to hear that.

For more details, look no further than our brand new Saints Row IV preview.

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