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Saints Row: The Third PS3 Owners Getting SR2 For Free

Jonathan Lester
DLC, Exclusive, PS3, Saints Row 2, Sony, THQ

Saints Row: The Third PS3 Owners Getting SR2 For Free

The Case Of The Missing Exclusive DLC, Solved

After THQ promised that the PS3 version of Saints Row: The Third would ship with exclusive PS3 content, we were all a little disappointed then it was nowhere to be found. However, we postulated that it could be added retroactively via DLC, and Sony has confirmed that this is indeed the case.

And, in fact, it's better than we'd hoped. PS3 owners will receive Saints Row 2 for free, which is bundled with the online pass in each new copy. You'll have 90 days to redeem, with the offer expiring in February 2012. Regardless of whether this was always the plan or a last-ditch attempt to save face, we love it when a plan comes together.

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esarty  Nov. 18, 2011 at 10:18

You did read the bit in the linked article which said "This offer applies to the United States, Canada, and Mexico only"?

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