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Sakurai: New Super Smash Bros Roster Will Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

Jonathan Lester
Nintendo, Super Smash Bros, Wii U

Sakurai: New Super Smash Bros Roster Will Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

"We've Probably Already Reached The Limit Of What's Feasible"

Super Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai has warned players to not expect a massive roster update in the upcoming Wii U version, suggesting that huge numbers of characters will lead to "issues with game balance."

Speaking to Nintendo Power, Sakurai stated that the new Super Smash Bros character roster won't focus on being bigger, rather, it will focus on being more finely balanced and making sure that each fighter feels unique. Indeed, he feels that a "change of direction" is in order for the franchise.

"It isn't a matter of 'if the next game has 50 characters, that'll be enough.' There is a certain charm to games that have huge casts of playable characters, but they tend to have issues with game balance and it becomes very difficult to fine-tune each character and have them all feel distinctive."

"In terms of quantity, we've probably already reached the limit of what's feasible. I think a change of direction may be what's needed."

However, considering that the Tekken team will be co-developing the next Super Smash Bros, we fully expect a few series crossovers. [via Nintendo Everything]

Sakurai also shared a concept art doodle (above) that shows off some of the potential characters - no surprises there.

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leo3333333333  Feb. 6, 2014 at 00:38

sakrai don't lie tekekn tga 2 had 60 charaters good bances so don't lie sya to big roster effect bacnes nacmo profs your lier


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