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Serious Sam 3: Jewel Of The Nile DLC Dated & Priced

Jonathan Lester
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Serious Sam 3: Jewel Of The Nile DLC Dated & Priced

Serious Sam 3: BFE will be receiving its first DLC pack on October 16th, containing three new campaign missions, new (and fan-favourite) enemies and boomsticks to exterminate them with. Jewel Of The Nile will cost $9.99, which some would say is a steal considering that you'll get a battle axe into the bargain.

More details and blurb below.

"Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile follows the legendary hero to the mysterious Temple of Isis on the island of Philae," reads the accompanying bumf, "where a monstrous temple guardian lies in wait. Set in the midst of the events in Serious Sam 3: BFE, Sam and his team will battle through three new campaign missions against the unrelenting hordes of Mental’s forces."

New campaign missions:

  • Gathering of Gods – Serious Sam arrives on the Island of Philae in search of the Temple of Isis where an ancient Sirian machine that will activate the Timelock is hidden amongst the ruins.
  • Together Forever – Arriving on Abu Simbel via motorboat, Sam continues his search for the Timelock control room through the temples of lost lovers Nefertari and Ramses II.
  • Born Again – Battle through canyons, temples, and tombs as Serious Sam uses everything in his arsenal to bring down an overwhelming alien horde and a colossal final guardian.

New weapons include the Sniper Rifle, Laser Cannon and battle axe, though it's worth noting that the first two guns are actually available as secrets in the original game.

Just in case you don't know, we nominated Serious Sam 3: BFE as the Best Shooter Of 2011. Check out our 9/10 review for more details.

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