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Serious Sam HD £6.11 @ Steam [PC Game]

Neil Mohr
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Serious Sam HD £6.11 @ Steam [PC Game]

Clearly someone over at Steam HQ has been on the loopy juice as the weekend sale started early, with a huge 66% off on the seriously fun, Serious Sam HD. Most places such as Amazon are still selling this for £14.99 so you can save over £8!

Not heard of Serious Sam? Then you’ve not lived. The original game went back to the kind of nonstop shooting fun that Doom and Doom 2 gave us. No nonsense, nonstop blasting with wave upon wave of enemies rained down upon you. We’d never seen anything like it with at times hundreds – or seemingly so, we didn’t stop for a head count at the time - of on-screen enemies.

With the passage of time there’s already been a Serious Sam 2 but this is a redux of the crazed original, but with all the trimmings you’d expect of a modern game including high-res textures, HDR lighting and depth of field effects.

For us at least, the coup de grace is the support for  up to 16 co-op players. Never has so much fun been packed into one game. You’ll face everything from the smallest hopping foes to the skyscraper sized Ugh-Zan and you’ll have to throw everything in your vast armoury at them to win. At just 17 levels, which a re pretty basic, you can certainly say Serious Sam HD isn’t that big and it’s most certinaly not clever, but what it is, is a lot of fun.

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Matt Gardner  Jan. 8, 2010 at 16:51

"Not heard of Serious Sam? Then you’ve not lived."

A truer word was never uttered.

I cannot wait for this to come out on XBLA.

Dan  Jan. 8, 2010 at 18:42

Whaaaaaaaaat! I didn't realise this was already out on PC! Will hold out for the 360 one at this stage though, it'll be out either next Wednesday or the Wednesday after :D

Whimsicle Sam  Jan. 8, 2010 at 23:04

Serious Sam has an average review of 6/10. Doesn't really inspire me with confidence.


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