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Samurai Shodown Sen £13.49 @ Powerplay Direct [Xbox 360 Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Samurai Shodown Sen £13.49 @ Powerplay Direct [Xbox 360 Games]

Samurai Shodown Sen may be a decidedly sub-par brawler, but the high street prices have remained worryingly high these last few months. However, the online retailers have been gradually lowerering the bar, with Powerplay Direct now retailing at £13.49. This will save you £3.50 compared to ShopTo.

In my full review I described Samurai Shodown Sen as the "definition of obsolescence"... and frankly, I haven't really changed my position. The graphics would look fairly patchy on a PS2 or original Xbox (they haven't been cleaned up since their arcade debut two years ago)... and the action is as clunky and unwieldy as I've ever experienced in a full-price fighting game. Attempting to 8-way run- i.e. step into or out of the screen- usually results in a pathetic jump on the spot, and combos feel unresponsive and sluggish. Throw in a Brokeback Mountain reject miniboss sporting a horrendously cheap shotgun and you've got yourself a very mediocre little singleplayer title.

On the other hand, Showdown Sen is a lot of fun in multiplayer. Don't get me wrong, practically every game is better when played with mates (especially fighting titles), but hilarious gory finishers that result in losing limbs, heads or even the most of you. Considering the complete lack of gore in the rest of the game, these "conclusions" are absolutely unexpected and unquestionably - and make for a humiliating way of seeing off your opponent. Good luck finding an online match, though...

If you're a fighting fanatic with a penchant for hilarious translations then this could be the game for you... but buy at your peril.

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