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Samurai Shodown Sen £9.99 @ Coolshop [Xbox 360 Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Samurai Shodown Sen £9.99 @ Coolshop [Xbox 360 Games]

The painfully mediocre 3D debut of SNK's revered Samurai Showdown franchise has finally started slumping in a big way! Our last deal brought it below the £15 barrier, but finally, it's sunk into the magical sub-£10 level that suddenly makes it a lot more attractive (much like ten-pint beer goggles, but without the copious vomiting and much cheaper in the long run). Coolshop are currently retailing for £9.99, which will save you £3.50 compared to Powerplay Direct.

Note: low stock at time of posting. Order now to avoid disappointment... sort of.

I savagely laid into Samurai Shodown Sen in my full review... but in retrospect, I still absolutely agree with every single word of it. The presentation is jaggy, bland and howlingly last-gen; featuring weak texturing and poorly rendered backdrops. On top of that, the torridly sluggish/borderline broken movement and combat animations make the singleplayer an absolute drag. AI players will merrily dance around your shambling, bemused character like lean hunting dogs around a drunken bear on ketamine. Multiplayer is more fun, mind, since both players suffer the same disadvantages.

The menus are really cool, though- and feature truly hilarious translations of character descriptions and move lists (in fact, they resemble a delicious Chinese restaurant menu). Want to play a game featuring "the Impact Blue of Justice?" Now's your chance- and I'd take it while it's cheap.

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