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Samurai Warriors 3 £24.95 @ Zavvi [Wii Games]

Felix Kemp
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Samurai Warriors 3 £24.95 @ Zavvi [Wii Games]

For fans of good old-fashioned, hack and slash adventures, Samurai Warriors 3 for the Wii can be grabbed off Zavvi for just £24.95.

This is the cheapest deal around at the moment, saving you a couple of quid you can invariably spend on nutritional supplements or, if this game is anything like most Japanese hack and slash titles, Kleenex for those frustrated tears.

In Samurai Warriors 3, you play as a lone officer battling entire armies with sweeping strokes from your sword. You're goal is to reach the rival force's general, and vanquish him in whatever bloody means possible. It's traditional Dynasty Warriors-grade formula, with the enemies mindless but vast in their numbers, with the majority of the game a slog through their churning masses, only finding variety in the dense combo-list.

But added to the 360 version to spice things up, is a co-operative mode. You can join up online or off, and wade through the throngs of rival soldiers seemingly plucked from mime-school instead of the military academy, as all they do is pose as warriors. While it's hardly a game-changing mode, it does alleviate some of the game's problems, such as repetition and clumsy design.

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Stan  May. 25, 2010 at 13:41

ummmmmmmmmmm............. it's exclusive on Wii as far as I know. LOL!

Matt Gardner  May. 25, 2010 at 14:20



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