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Scene It? Box Office Smash (inc. 4 Buzzers) £4.99 @ Argos [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Scene It? Box Office Smash (inc. 4 Buzzers) £4.99 @ Argos [Xbox 360 Games]

NB. Although this went out of stock minutes after being written up, you can still reserve to collect for next week at this price, which, considering the saving, we figured might be good to bring to your attention.

Apparently if you want to play any family games with your nearest and dearest, you're going to need multiple extra bits of hardware tat. Quiz games, let's be honest, don't really need an extra pad with a big red button (there are plenty of buttons on your standard controller!), but it's a good way of bundling things with games and potentially squeezing more money out of us: the innocent consumers.

Well this would be the case, except for the fact that someone over at HUKD has stumbled upon a mega-deal of quiz-flavoured awesomeness. Argos are currently giving away copies of Scene It? Box Office Smash for £4.99, along with four buzzers. Now considering that the game by itself is retailing at the moment for around £8, and that the buzzer bundle can't be found for less than £13, I'd say that's a bit of a corker.

In fairness, the buzzers appeal to something that's deeply ingrained within all of us: the desire to press big red buttons. The controller can't really match it for sheer simplicity and, let's face it, these games are really designed to appeal to everyone, including people who've never heard of Dual Shock or an analogue joystick in their lives.

Scene It? is surprisingly good, more or less striving to be Microsoft's answer to Buzz!, and it makes for some excellent multiplayer entertainment that isn't rude, offensive or particularly taxing in terms of mechanics, but will instil a healthy dose of competition and a deep seated desire to win.

Although limited to the movies, this proves extraordinarily well focused, with some cracking rounds such as Sketches, where a clue is slowly drawn on the screen Pictionary-style, Pixel Flix, which sees an 8-bit recreation of a movie you have to name and then answer questions on, and Celebrity Ties, where you have to guess the correct link between a smattering of celebs.

It's all very straightforward and accessible, with a wide range of questions designed to probe the minds of movie buffs, whilst not alienating the casual audience who don't own Hitchcock's entire collection and who can't quote every last word from Withnail and I. All in all, then, it's a bit of a steal at under a fiver, and well worth a look for some Easter weekend fun.

Thanks to Cos2k3 at HUKD

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Russell  Mar. 26, 2010 at 11:35

A bargain and a half. Have just reserved 2. Will make great presents.


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