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Schafer: 'Closed Systems' Of Microsoft And Sony And Talent Exodus Can't Be Dismissed

Matt Gardner
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Schafer: 'Closed Systems' Of Microsoft And Sony And Talent Exodus Can't Be Dismissed

Tim Schafer has been hitting the headlines recently with his studio Double Fine after the success of the developers' Kickstarter project, that's just broken the $2 million mark at the time of writing. Having recently embraced self-publishing, Schafer suggested that the closed systems of Microsoft and Sony are far less appealing nowadays.

"I like Sony and Microsoft, but those systems are closed and curated very closely and it costs a lot more money to go through that system, to patch a game," said Schafer, speaking to IndustryGamers at DICE 2012.

"It makes me stressed out that if I put a game up there, I might not be able to patch it because it might cost too much money, whereas these more open platforms will let us manage our own price and our own updates. It's just a lot more appealing right now."

Although Schafer professed his love for marketplace titles such as Limbo and Castle Crashers, the loss of talent from Xbox LIVE, as outlined in Ron Carmel's widely read "Is XBLA Past Its Prime?" article, worries him.

"I was hoping that would be a really, really eye-opening article for the console manufacturers... and I feel like it's been totally dismissed," he said.

"I really think it's something they can't dismiss and they should really pay a lot more attention to because he's calling attention to a migration, an exodus of real creative talent away from those platforms to more open platforms, and I think they should do something quick to reverse that."

"I want [XBLA] to succeed. So when you read an article about that, warning about the migration away from the platform, that's a shame and we want that not to be the case."

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