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FOR SCIENCE! Matt and Carl investigate PS4's Share Play

Matt Gardner
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FOR SCIENCE! Matt and Carl investigate PS4's Share Play

The PS4's update 2.0 was so powerful that it knocked out the PSN yesterday. Considering how long Sony have been doing this, you'd have thought that maybe, just maybe, they'd have learned to sort out their network stability a little better over the past handful of years... but no.

Anyway, Update 2.0 is out, things appear to be working properly, and one of the most lauded features of the new firmware package has arrived in the form of Share Play. In a nutshell, Share Play allows for a remote version of local game sharing -- be that passing a master controller to a friend, or allowing them to play a game that they don't currently own themselves. Sessions are limited to an hour at a time, PlayStation Plus is a requirement for controller sharing, and you can only use the multiplayer aspects of the service for games with local multiplayer components.

FOR SCIENCE! Matt and Carl investigate PS4's Share Play

It all seems to work very nicely indeed, though. To test out the service in the name of science, Carl and I fired up our machines and jumped into a game of FIFA 15, whereupon Carl and I were able to enjoy a match together despite Carl not owning the game in question. Side-by-side, the videos reveal that there's an ever-so-slight delay, but playing the game felt pretty seamless. There's a resolution drop, of course -- you can only play Share Play games in 720p -- but the game still looked pretty good at both end, and it should be noted that visual fidelity is an option that can be changed (we'd set ours to "high").

After indulging in a spot of multiplayer, I then passed virtual control over to Carl for a spot of Destiny, and again the experience was smooth and easy to set up. Being a totally-online game, however, Carl was forced to play under profiles listed on my PS4 and multiplayer was out of the question.

You can check out our more detailed look at Share Play in the video below:

Let us know in the comments how you've been finding update 2.0!

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