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As Screen Gems Purchase Devil May Cry Film Rights, Fillion Endorses Wahlberg

Felix Kemp
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As Screen Gems Purchase Devil May Cry Film Rights, Fillion Endorses Wahlberg

Screen Gems, who also partnered with Capcom to finance the four financially successful Resident Evil films, have now purchased the rights to the Devil May Cry, with screenwriter Kyle Ward - who also penned the Kane and Lynch script - already scribbling Dante's adventures into film form as we speak. Ward has only one credit to his name, with Fiasco Heights due for release this year, and no director or actors have been mentioned as yet.

In the games, Dante is a young, brash demon slayer with a very big sword and an even bigger ego. However, according to Variety's article, the film will track Dante's quest to avenge his mother's death; by killing demons. It's just like Hollywood to throw in a bit of cursory emotion to liven things up, and while it's not enough to get angry about, there's not much to get excited about, either.

And remember, Screen Gems - and Paul Anderson in particular - took extreme liberty with the Resident Evil canon when developing their saga. It worked for them, mind, as the films grossed 580 million dollars worldwide. However, with a new Devil May Cry game in the works at Ninja Theory, re-imagining Dante as a younger, more emo demon hunter, perhaps the film will tie into this new take on the series?

In related news, fan favorite actor, Nathan Fillion, has come out in support of Mark Wahlberg's casting as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted film helmed by David O. Russel. Fillion was an early favorite for the role, with fans of Firefly in particular noting his penchant for being a charming rogue who can hurl a quip like the best of them as being perfect for the wisecracking treasure hunter.

It wasn't to be, however, as pals Russel and Wahlberg joined forces, much to the chagrin of fans. "I think he does great work, that guy," explained Fillion to to Nerdist, "and he’s a huge international star, which I am not. I am not". I love Fillion, but I have to admit his endorsement sounds a little... bitter. And I don't think Wahlberg is a terrible choice as Drake, nor O. Russell a bad choice as director - he's terrific, actually - but the latter's recent comments don't quite inspire as much confidence in the adaption as I'd like. We'll be tracking both the Devil May Cry and Uncharted films as they develop. [Variety]

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