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Scribblenauts £18.63 @ Amazon [DS Games]

Lydia Low
DS games, Puzzle games, Scribblenauts
Nintendo DS

Scribblenauts £18.63 @ Amazon [DS Games]
Scribblenauts, the stupendously hyped DS title will finally be with us on the 9th of October. SO far Amazon seems to be leading the preorder race with a great pre-release price of just £18.63 – more than £6 down from the runner up!

Scribblenauts is an incredibly innovative new game by the makers of Drawn to Life and Lock's Quest. In this side-scroller, you play as Maxwell who is on a mission to collect all the “Starites” which are dotted around the various levels that he visits – so far so much typical hum-drum platformer fare. However, getting your mitts on the starites usually requires solving a puzzle and it is the way that you do this that is so unique. If you bring up Maxwell's notebook then you can type in the name of pretty much any animal, mineral or vegetable -  anything that you can think of - and it will appear in the level to (hopefully) help you out. So if, for example, a vampire stood between you and your starite, you might wish to call on the help of some garlic, or a stake or a good blast of daylight. The items will all behave in the way that one would expect too - call upon a car/bike/boat and you can drive it, an animal will dart about the level just as its real life counterpart would and anything flammable can be burned. Each puzzle can be solved in numerous different ways and the game will recognise tens of thousands of different words. The only limit is your own imagination.

The charming hand-drawn-on-paper style graphics match the theme perfectly, as does the happy and peppy soundtrack. You'll have so much fun mucking around that it may be a while before you actually get around to playing the game.  And once you have made your way through the many levels that the game offers, you can even go on to create your own.

The game has been very well received so far, though sadly it has not quite received the golden accolades that one would hope a game so hyped would merit. While it has been widely praised for its ingenuity, huge range of summon-able objects and creatures and their realistic behaviour, huge number and range of different levels and great level creator, it seems that the controls really let it down at times. I can imagine why this would be a big issue: if you have worked out an awesome way to solve the puzzle then you just want to feel smug and enjoy your success, not potentially lose a life because you had so much trouble trying to get the items to interact in the way that they should.

Nonetheless I intend to get this game myself just as soon as I can and I don't think its disappointing drawbacks should detract from the incredible accomplishments and innovation that the title offers and the incredible life-span that a game with such endless possibilities can offer. And hey, it may even help to improve your spelling while you are at it.

Thanks to ballboy at Hotukdeals!

Scribblenauts £18.63 @ Amazon [DS Games]

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