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"Scribblenauts On Acid": An Introduction To Doki-Doki Universe

Matt Gardner
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"Scribblenauts On Acid": An Introduction To Doki-Doki Universe

Doki-Doki Universe is a weird game. It's a handcrafted paean to positivity that measures progress in emotional terms and places you in the role of QT3 -- a robot who has spent the last 32 years waiting patiently on an asteroid for the human family that abandoned him. Until a gurning, monobrowed alien named Jeff turns up, that is, and informs QT3 that his entire robotic model line is due to be scrapped unless he can demonstrate a capacity for understanding humanity.

The game revolves around jetting off to visit new planets and satellites, performing tasks for the cast list of weird and wacky inhabitants, learning their likes and dislikes, unocovering hidden secrets and presents, and spawning in a plethora of bizarre creatures and items in Scribblenauts-lite fashion. Each planet is different, each collection of offbeat characters going through some sort of moral crisis, which QT3 has to set right. Slowly, the robot begins to comprehend things like abandonment and bullying and love and fear (what would freak you out more... a man in a bunny suit or an anthropomorphic carrot?), the action punctuated by personality tests (complete with goatee'd therapist) to determine QT3's progress and allow for plenty of comedic asides.

"Scribblenauts On Acid": An Introduction To Doki-Doki Universe

If that all sounds bat-sh*t crazy, that's kind of because it is, as I rather demonstrate in the video below. If you come out of the other side more confused than when you went in, don't be alarmed. That's exactly how I felt.

The Doki-Doki Universe review will go live tomorrow.

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