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The Secret World Beta Sign-up Begins

Carl Phillips
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The Secret World | PC

The Secret World Beta Sign-up Begins

Finally Here After Technical Issues

Those of you excited for Funcom's upcoming MMORPG The Secret World (and we know there's at least a few of you) will be glad to know that the sign up process to join the beta, along with the first part of the tie-in social game The Secret War, has finally begun. To register just go to the official website, choose your side from the three playable factions (the Templar, Dragon, and Illuminati, for those not in the know) and then link it all to a Facebook account. This process ensures that you are on the beta waiting list, but by taking part in The Secret War you can increase your chances of getting into the beta, with those who attain the highest possible rank guaranteed a spot.

That's not all on offer for those who take part, as a post on the official website details how in-game clothing and weapons will be up for grabs, as well as a chance to win a visit to the Funcom studios. Players will work towards unlocking faction-wide rewards as well, along with screenshots, artwork and articles "that can be shared as 'propaganda' with your friends, further expanding your secret society's influence and allowing you to climb through their ranks."

It is simple and fun publicity at its finest.

If you had previously registered with the website for the Personality Test (which helped you to decide which faction to join) you do not need to sign up now to opt in for the beta, but you will of course miss out on the chance to participate in The Secret War event, along with all the freebies and perks that come along with participating. You can check out The Secret War directly here.

UPDATE: If you do not wish to take part in The Secret War or perhaps just do not wish to use Facebook (or perhaps you just dislike being social) there is also an option to sign up to the list of beta wannabes on the site as well.

It has not been a smooth launch for the sign-up process however, with the original plan being to begin the sign-up process at 6pm last Friday. The start time was pushed back by four hours, only to be pushed back even further due to what was described in an official forum post as "technical difficulties," with only an image of the countdown timer being smashed for interested punters to look at. Funcom have been keeping the community informed and entertained during this unexpected outage by furthering their on-going ARG via the forums and Twitter.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with the latest news to come from the event, and if you sign up for The Secret War let us know in the comments who you're siding with! If you missed out on our coverage for The Secret World from this year's Gamescom be sure to check out our preview and our video interview with Creative Director Ragnar Tørnquist!

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MrRobin  Aug. 30, 2011 at 15:14

Templars? Illuminati? What is this, Dan Brown's new literary outlet??


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